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"Ludwig" Isn't this brand a longing for many drummers?

It has an impact not only jazz fans but also many drummers with accurate unbearable transcendental techniques and exquisite grooves.Buddy rich (Buddy Rich). He continued to support the legendary band "THE BEATLES", which had a glowing personality even in simple drumming, causing a large social phenomenon.Apple star (RINGO STARR).
Established two -bus specifications and heavy drumming in the loud loud rock sound.Carmine Apis (Carmine Appice). He was enrolled in the legendary rock band "LED Zeppelin" and continued to affect many drummers even after he was young.John Bonam (John Bonham).
In an era where stagings are shouted gorgeously, "VAN HALEN" attracted many fans with a performance backed by solid performance.Alex Van Halen (Alex Van Halen) etc.

Ludwig, which has been used by many star players, may have its brave figure (along with wonderful performances) in the memories of many fans. From 1909 to the present, a long -established manufacturer with more than 100 years has gained a strong presence among many drum manufacturers. I would like to approach the giant in the drum world "ludwig".


The founder William F. Ludwig (1879-1973)

The founder WILLIAM F. Ludwig gave birth near the German Rhine River in 1879. And when I am 8 years old, I can move to Chicago, America. His father was a professional musician (Valve Trombone / Baritone player). In such an environment, William naturally grows as a performer. Among the many instruments, he chose "Drum". After that, he learned drumming and worked as a percussion player (in addition to drummers, he was also active as a Timpaniist).
A turning point comes while working in various bands, including theaters (operas and musicals) and dance halls. I witnessed a band drum player using a rare all -metal shell (made in Europe, separate tension specifications). WILLIAM, who has never seen a drum that has never been seen before, is a huge impact. The tone and power of the drums were deeply carved into his heart as long as he would make a separate tension -specific all -metal shell snare a few years later). He later said, "It was a turning point in my life."

And in a band's work, WILLIAM played two parts by one person (bass drum player, snar drum cymbal player). There, we needed to use a pedal to play the bus drum. At that time, there were already pedals, but there were difficulties in "power" and "speed" on a large structure. So WILLIAM makes a pedal while trial and error. The manufactured pedal was very reputable. WILLIAM had a younger brother "THEOBALD" who was working as a drummer at the time.
So, while sewing between the work of the performance, I will make a pedal with my brothers. We will open a small drum shop "Ludwig & Ludwig" in an old building. This is the start of Ludwig, which is currently loved by many players.



It was rugged in the 1920s to 1950s

Ludwig, which is now establishing immovable status, is also ups and downs in a long history.
Let's take a look, especially until the 1950s, which was turbulent.


"Ludwig & Ludwig" is established by Wiliam and THEOBOLD.



The impact of stock prices and the borrowing of money associated with the construction of a new company's building overlap, selling Ludwig & Ludwig to C.G. Conn to survive the company.


At the age of 58, WILLIAM will try again to the drum production business and establish a new WM.F Ludwig Drum Company.


The company name was renamed "WFL".


C.G.CONN merges with the owned "Leedy" and "Ludwig and Ludwig" to create "Leedy and Ludwig".


WILLIAM buys the name "Ludwig" from C.G.Conn.

And we will start a new start as "Ludwig Drum Company".

Ludwig has always been making excellent drums even after many twists and turns. Due to that, the number of players who love Ludwig's Drum will increase in the beginning. We will develop with the growth of music scenes that become gorgeous in the beginning, such as Modern Jazz in the 1950s and ROCK in the 60s.


Players fascinated by Ludwig's Drum

As you know, there are countless players who love Ludwig. I introduced it at the beginningBuddy rich (Buddy Rich), Ringo Starrer, Carmine Appice (Carmine Appice)John Bonam (John Bonham),Alex Van Halen In addition to (Alex Van Halen), Roger Taylar -Queen, Joey Kramer (Joey Kramer -Aerosmith), Bun E.CARLOS -CHEAP TRICK, Eric Carros Kiss), Nick Mason -Pink Floyd, Alan White (Alan White -Yes), Rick Allen -Def Leppard (Rick Allen -Def Leppard) ETC's famous players.

Here, I would like to take up some of the Ludwig users.

Ginger Baker (Ginger Baker)

Ginger from a jazz drummer originally used a simple three -piece set. However, the legendary band "Cream" formed with Jack Blues and Eric Clapton starts using Radick's two -bus set. 2 buses (20 "and 24" with different sizes, 16 "and 18" floor tom, 12 "and 13". In addition, we have a unique setting that sets the toms almost horizontally. Because it is a jazz drummer, it has performed an excellent improvisation at the live, so you can touch it on a cream live board. It is a work announced after the dissolution, but "Live Cream Volume 2" is also recommended.

Don Henley -Eagles

Eagles with melancholy melodies and beautiful chorus. The drummer and vocalist Don Henry is one of Ludwig. He told me the great vocals and drumming, such as the famous song HOTEL CALIFORNIA, and used Tinbares to a set of Ludwig's single head (BD22 ", FT16", TT16 "or15", 14 "・ 12 " + Timbares). It is impressive such as a unique sinking tone with a heavy song, and a light drumming in a country -like style. He said that he had formed and formed. Glenn Fly and Don Henry took the composition of Lennon & McCartney, and they were selected on the condition that all members could sing. At the time of their debut, at the time of their debut. The members also feel like the Beatles of the United States. If you are listening to Don Henry for the first time, I recommend the album "Curseed Night" and "Hotel California".

Ringo StarR -The Beatles

Isn't it one of the people who made Ludwig the most in the world? His favorite BLACK OYSTER PEARL set is still a longing for drummers (around the world). Initial set / BD20 " / FT14" / TT12 " / SD14", Cymbal (Zildjian) RD20 "CR18" HH14 "-The BD22" / FT16 "TT13" / SD14 ", SD20" Zildjian) RD20 "CR18" HH14 "(or 15"), and differences depending on the time, such as Natural Maple's BD22 " / FT16" / TT12 " / TT12" TT12 " / SD14", Symbal (Zildjian) RD20 "CR18" CR18 "HH14" (or 15 "). Isn't there a lot of fans who are concerned about? His play is simple but unique, and there is a feeling that it is not impaired (even now). If you haven't heard of it, I don't think you've heard it. If you are a young one who says "I've only heard it in the BGM of TV", please pick it up because any album is fine (the Beatles are recommended for all works).

John Bonham -LED Zeppelin

John Bonam, who died at a young age, continued to be a legend (later drummer). There is an anecdote that his synonymous Radick drums were introduced to the originally used Carmine Apis and started using it. Bonzo has many exciting episodes, but the play is also a powerful play that leads to the character (although there are also delicate play ...). The set used is also a powerful thing consisting of a 26 "bus drum. From around '69 to around '73, natural maple (BD26", FT18 ", TT15") and covering.・ Use maple (BD26 ", FT18" ・ 16 ", TT14), and since '73, amber -colored Vistelite (BD26", FT20 "・ 18” ・ 16 ”, TT14), from around 77. Is also a set of stainless steel (BD26 ", FT18" / 16 ", TT15"). And Snare loved the popular LM402 in our shop (the popular secret is also greatly influenced by Bonzo). There is nothing more difficult to answer Red Zeppelin's recommendation, but if you want to focus on bonzo drumming, will it be the 7th album "Presence" released in '76? The opening number of more than 10 minutes is a powerful transcendental drumming in the "Achilles Last Battle", and it is a work that allows you to enjoy a number of powerful plays that can be remembered as if it were Bonzo's solo album. Please check it out.

Steve Jordan

He is a multi -talented person who is also active as a drummer that embodies the world's highest groove and as a producer (produced works have won the Grammy Award!). He has been trusted with many artists, including Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Bob Duran, BB King -Sheryl Crow, and John Mayer. He is known as a YAMAHA drum user, but he also loves Ludwig drums. I own a BLACK OYSTER set (influence of apple stars!?) Made in 1963 and use it for recording. (Although he can listen to his performance in numerous works), in recent THE VERBS "and NOW ...", he seems to use a Black Oyster set, so if you are worried, check it out. please.


Ludwig has attracted many other drummers. There are only a few introductions because many players use it, but how was it? Your favorite drummer may actually use Vintage Ludwig in recording. If you are worried, how about pursuing that area?


Introducing Ludwig's name



In 1938, it appeared as Twin Spring Speed ​​King Pedal and requested a long seller as the company's face.
After The Final Version, you will be surprised at the high degree of perfection at the time without almost no specification change.


This is the Final Version of the 50's WFL period

Vintage Speed ​​King, which is still prized


~ One "Black Beauty" that represents Ludwig

It is one of the company's flagship model since the 1920s. It is a gem of Brass Shell processed Black-Nickel.
It is also a very impressive model, such as gold parts and elaborate sculptures.

This is a beautiful decoration called Black Beauty in the 1920s, Ocean Wave Patterns.

This is a 20's Black Beauty, 12-Leaf Patterns pattern

This is a Black Beauty, 6-Leaf Patterns pattern from 29 to the early 30's



It is a 6LUG simple METAL SNARE. It is a gem that feels the history of Ludwig. It is a snare that sounds well and has a strong fan.
Prior to the sale to C.G. Conn, the shell is particularly popular because of the heavy (thickness).

This is the 1920s Universal Model.

This is the 1920s Universal Model. It is from the Chicago factory era, and you can check the character of CHICAGO on the engraving.

This is Universal Model in the 1930s. You can check the engraving of Elkhart and Indiana in the hoop. It will be a model after selling to C.G. Conn.

This is Universal Model in the 1930s.


~ Supraphonic LM400 ~

I think many people know this. It is Supraphonic LM400 that represents Ludwig. It is a long -selling model that has continued until now. From around 1955 to around 1960, Brass is used as a shell material. There are Chrome-Plated specifications and Lacquered specifications (both Brass Shell). From around 1961, Ludwig's unique Radiaroy (alloy -based alloy) will be used for the shell material. Isn't it interesting to have each age because of shell materials different from the current model? The size is 14 "x 5".

This is LM400 in 1966.

This is LM400 in 1970. ~ UNNUMBERED ~

This is LM400 in 1976.

This is LM400 around 78-79.

~ Supraphonic LM402 ~

This is also Supraphonic LM402 that you all know. Rock Drummer's three families "John Bonham", "Cozy Powell", and "Ian Paice" are still very popular. Since it was designed in the late 1960s, it has not changed much until now, and it can be said that the perfection is high. As with the LM400, the shell material uses Radia Roy from the 1960s to the 1980s. In recent years, the model has goodness, and it may be interesting to prepare by age. The size is 14 "x 6.5".

This is LM402 around 1978-1979.

This is the 1980s LM402.

This is Supraphonic of Bronz Shell.
It is a rare item from the 1980s and rarely in stock.


~ Acrolite LM404 ~

Since its release in 1963, this is the long -selling model Acrolite LM404. The feature is that aluminum is used for shell material as the name suggests. With a warm tone, it will be a popular model in our shop. The size is 14 "x 5". The size difference 6,5 "model LM405 (on the catalog) will appear in 1994.

This is LM404 in 1967.

This is LM404 in 1976.

This is LM404 of the 1980s.



LM400 Series Snappy is around the entire surface and version LM410.

This is LM410 around 1961-62. The shell is Chrome-Plated Brass.

This is the LM410 of the 70's.



It is LM411 around the entire Snapy of LM402.

This is the model of the 70's.

This is the model of the 80's.


~ Vistalite ~

Vistalite Series that appeared in 1972. Acrylic material is used for the shell, and CLEAR, YELLOW, Amber, Amber, Red, Blue, Green, Rainbow, Solid White, Solid Black, Smoky (Dark Gray) and Tivoli (Tivoli) Various variations have appeared. There were many players who use it live because the visual elements were high and the stage shines. Among them is John Bonham. You can easily watch the brave figure on You Tube, so if you haven't seen it, please check it out.

This is the 70's


~ Pioneer ~

Pioneer was manufactured from 1960 to 1974. The shell is a 3Ply structure of Mahogany, PopLar, and Mahogany (3Ply specifications of 1968 -Maple / PopLar / Maple also appear). With a 6LUG specification, there are 14 "x 5" and 14 "x 6.5".

This is Pioneer in 1967.

This is Pioneer in 1966. ~ Black Oyster ~



It is a gem that was produced from 1956 to 1970. Initially, it was the name of Barrett Deems, but from 1960 it will be called Jazz Festival. This is also the 3Ply structure of Mahogany, PopLar, and Mahogany (from September 1968 to October 1968, MAPLE, PopLar, and Maple will also appear) and the ReinforceMENT specification. With a 6LUG specification, the size is 14 "x 5.5". It is a popular Vintage Snare in our shop.

This is Barrett Deems in 1958. Parts from the WFL era are also diverted in the age, so you can check the engraving with the strainer.

This is Jazz Festival in 1961.

This is Jazz Festival in 1962.

This is Jazz Festival in 1967.

Here will be Jazz Festival in 1968.
* The shell is 3Ply of the conventional Mahogany, PopLar, and Mahogany.


~ Down Beat ~

Down Beat, which was manufactured in 1960-70. Like other WOOD SNAREs, the 3Ply structure of Mahogany, PopLar, and Mahogany (from around September 1968 to October 1968, 3Ply specifications of MAPLE, PopLar, and Maple will appear). The size is 14 "x 4". It is a rare gem with little arrival.

This is Down Beat in 1963.

This is also Down Beat in 1963.